Jewel Anderson
Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

I Work From A Psychodynamic Lens
What does this mean?

We are molded by our experiences. Meaning, our past is alive in the present. We tend to repeat our past over and over, often times in sneaky unconscious ways. Therefore, I utilize Psychodynamic therapy, which is a depth therapy that relies on attachment theory, processing emotion, and exploring the unconscious. Our unconscious is where our unmet longings and needs reside. When we have unmet needs we find creative, yet oftentimes maladaptive, ways to get those needs met. This can cause us to feel stuck.

Feeling stuck can take many forms – depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, shame, low self worth, unwanted behaviors, unhealthy relationship patterns, etc. These stuck places are how we protect ourselves from the vulnerability of feeling the grief related to our unmet needs.

Insight helps us understand how our past is impacting our present. However, it is imperative that we feel the grief connected to our unmet needs in order to experience deep change. For many, this is a vulnerable and scary process, which is why it cannot be done alone.

I cannot promise you a pain free life. However, this process can help you hold and feel much more than you can right now. Creating more space within leads to experiencing a more free, secure, and meaningful life.

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