Let's Explore

Let's Explore

Therapy that helps you explore the unknown terrain within. Here, you do not have to journey alone.


This process cannot be done alone. We will slow down in this fast paced world and explore your inner world together

I approach therapy with an empathetic curiosity for clients to safely explore the confusing and painful parts of life. Many things can stifle our ability to experience life fully; therefore it is my hope to help you understand the ways in which you feel stuck in order to experience a more connected and meaningful life. Even those with supportive friends and family need the unique process of therapy to explore defenses, process emotion, and untangle stuck parts of self. This process cannot be done alone. We will slow down in this fast paced world and explore your inner world together.

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About Jewel

I am often asked what drew me to the counseling profession. The simple answer is: I love stories. I love exploring the unique layers that make a person who they are. My background is in Art Education with an emphasis in photography. I believe my background in art helps me navigate the abstract dynamics of the therapeutic process. What I love most about art is similar to what I love about people. Upon first reflection a piece of art can be misunderstood, much like people. However, the more we understand and study a piece of art, beyond just aesthetics, we can feel and appreciate the depth it holds. People are the same. The more we see and get to know the dynamic parts of people a much larger, more grand story expands into view. When we understand the nuances of others we grow in empathy, connection, and we expand our world-view. In addition to loving art, I also love reading. One of my favorite books is the The Hobbit, and I can be found celebrating Hobbit Day each year. I love travel and and daydream often about where to go next. Every morning I delight in a bold cup of coffee. Most of all, my husband and two children are the greatest joys of my life.


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