Let's Explore

Let's Explore

Therapy that helps you explore the unknown terrain within. Here, you do not have to journey alone.
Hi, I am Jewel Anderson, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Overland Park, Kansas.


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Client Stories

“This process made me realize I could advocate more for myself. . .
. . . find my own voice”

If you are here, it means you are struggling. Life is not what you dreamed it would be. You feel overwhelmed, lost, and alone. You’re buried by life’s demands, which leaves little to no room for you. Your longings feel like a distant part of self that feel out of reach. You may even have trouble knowing who you are.

You are not alone.

Our fast paced, demanding culture leaves little room for true connection. Here, we will slow way down and create space just for you. I will join you in your struggle, and together we will explore the unknown to find your voice, to get you to where you want to be.

Hi, I’m Jewel. I am a Licensed Clinical Profession Counselor in Kansas. I have 10 years of experience helping individuals and couples navigate the difficult & confusing parts of life.

I specialize in going beyond behaviors, helping clients explore the deep rooted places perpetuating the ways they feel stuck.
Feeling Stuck Can Look & Feel Like:

Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, Unresolved Trauma, Relationship Issues, Low Self Esteem, Shame, & More.

Working with Jewel has truly changed my life.
I came to her office filled with anxiety after
experiencing religious trauma. She made me feel safe,
and I felt comfortable sharing what I was thinking
and feeling without fear of judgement. -Former Client

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Finding a Good Fit is important.
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Exploring The Unknown

Stepping Into the Unknown, despite it's challenges, can yield remarkable rewards I... Read More "Exploring The Unknown"

About Jewel

What drew me to the counseling profession? The simple answer is: I love stories. I also love the complex layers that make us who we are. I have a background in art, which I believe helps me navigate the abstract spaces within the therapeutic process.

Things are rarely as they seem, which I find exciting. Like art, people have depth and dimension beyond what meets the eye. This is why I value curiosity to explore the world and people around me.

On a personal note: I love travel and daydream daily about my next adventure. I love getting lost in a book; one of my favorite’s is The Hobbit. I look forward to a bold cup of coffee every morning, and most of all my husband and two children are the greatest joys of my life.



Therapy is a place for you to process anything and everything. We will explore your past and how it plays out in the present, while also being gracious to your defenses that kept you safe for so long. My job is to meet you in all of it. It is not my job to tell you how to live or what choices to make. Rather, I will be a guide alongside you to help you connect to what you want in life. In addition to process (talk) oriented therapy I also use mindfulness and utilize imagery to connect to unprocessed emotion in the body.

Our first session will be a time for you to share why you have sought therapy and to ask any questions of me. Then, we will spend three to four sessions getting to know you more to see if I am a good fit for you. From there, the art of therapy starts to unfold in a nonlinear process. My hope is for therapy to become your weekly ritual that feels like a gift just for you. It will become the placeholder in your life to be held, seen, and accepted exactly as you are.


Individual sessions are 50 minutes at $165 a session. Couples sessions are 50 minutes at $200 a session.


We live in an age where fast food and 2-day shipping has spoiled our ability to be patient. Convenience can be lovely, however what’s happened is we now expect everything to be done quickly. I have to tell you that change, real deep change, does not happen this way. The therapeutic process requires slowing down, consistency, and commitment. Research shows that depth therapies, such as psychodynamic treatment, has greater change upon ending treatment than short term behavior based therapies. Research also indicates continued growth upon followup months after treatment.

Because therapy is unique to each person I cannot prescribe a specific time-frame. This process is dependent upon your goals and ultimately how free you feel. For some, this may look like 6 months to a year or more, while others like to have therapy as an ongoing process in their lives.


Since I do not take insurance, I am considered an out-of-network provider. If you would like to submit claims directly to your health plan, I will gladly provide you with a Superbill.


Consistency is key in order to gain traction and to explore what’s under the surface. I have found that anything less than weekly results in simply “catching up” yielding less beneficial results. Therefore, I meet with clients weekly in person or online if we need to be flexible. Each client has a specific time that is just for them. It becomes their weekly ritual and placeholder for support and place to process.


Counseling sessions are held at:
5750 W. 95th St; Suite 155
Overland Park, KS 66207