Exploring The Unknown
Exploring The Unknown

Exploring The Unknown

Stepping Into the Unknown, despite it’s challenges, can yield remarkable rewards

I recently read a book to my kids called “Oliver the Curious Owl,” written by Chad Otis. Oliver portrays the quintessential curious owl, going beyond the usual “Who?” question by delving into the realms of “Who, what, where, when, and why?” This inquisitiveness perplexes his family, unaccustomed to such curiosity. While Oliver wanted to explore the world outside his “very quiet and very safe” tree his family warned him of the perils that lay beyond their wood. 

To his astonishment, Oliver encounters a kindred spirit in the form of a Bug, who shares his insatiable curiosity. When Bug proposes a genuine adventure, Oliver is overcome by fear, second-guessing the wisdom of such an idea. However, when an unfortunate incident results in Bug falling into a river, Oliver summons unparalleled bravery. Confronted with the daunting prospect of leaving the familiar, he takes flight into the unknown to rescue his newfound friend. 

The river leads them to unexplored territories, where they savor new foods, forge connections with unfamiliar animals, and embrace the wonders that once existed solely in their dreams. Amidst their exhilarating exploration, a storm emerges, casting confusion over their surroundings. In the face of the storm, Oliver’s fear resurfaces, echoing the cautionary words of his family, creating doubt for leaving the safety of his tree. 

Yet, Bug’s perspective differs. Together, amidst the tumultuous storm, they navigate their path back through the darkness to Oliver’s familiar, tranquil tree. Instead of resigning himself to a life within its confines, Oliver makes a bold decision. He introduces his family to the joys of exploration, transforming their single question of “Who?” into a broader curiosity encompassing “Who, what, where, when, and why?”

In this tale of courage and growth, Oliver’s transformation from a hesitant owl to an adventurous spirit is a reminder that stepping into the unknown, despite its challenges, can yield remarkable rewards.

I’m captivated by this narrative for its portrayal of the therapeutic journey. Like Oliver, humans are innately driven by curiosity. However, life’s nuances can either nurture or suppress this vital aspect of our being. Oliver, a naturally inquisitive owl, found himself imprisoned by the echoes of his family’s apprehension toward the unfamiliar.

This narrative mirrors a universal struggle—our profound aspirations entwined with fear. This internal conflict often leaves us immobilized, expending energy yet getting us nowhere. How, then, do we free ourselves from this stagnation? While each person’s journey is unique, the common thread lies in the heart of taking risks. In the story, Bug emerges as a safe haven—a conduit for Oliver to articulate his desires. Moreover, Bug serves as the catalyst for Oliver’s brave leap into the unknown. Their joint expedition reveals both the highs and lows of exploration, highlighting the pivotal truth that this journey is not meant to be undertaken alone.

Venturing into uncharted territory can evoke trepidation, underscoring the need for a “Bug” in our own lives. Even individuals who have supportive circles benefit from therapy’s distinctive avenue to explore the unconscious places conducting our lives. Seeking a safe haven in a therapeutic relationship can provide the support needed to take risks into the unknown.

If you are feeling stuck, alone, and afraid to approach the dark and unknown places within your life I would love to join you in the storm.
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